These Are The Cheapest Cities To Visit In Europe In 2022

by Shreya Ghosh
These Are The Cheapest Cities To Visit In Europe In 2022

Every one of us dreams to travel to Europe and experience a remarkable holiday in different destinations there at least once in our life. No matter how much we would love to travel there, the travel budget to explore the touristy destinations in Europe is humongous. Well, it is somewhat correct but not entirely true. Europe houses some stunning countries where you can travel without splurging lakhs and lakhs. Here are some of the most beautiful European countries that are cheap and surely a must-visit in 2022.

Cheapest Cities To Visit In Europe In 2022

1. Poland

Poland needs to be on your Europe itinerary as this country has quite a few beautiful cheap cities where you will have a gala time while exploring. Surrounded by magical nature, gorgeous castles, rural life, farms, historic destinations, vineyards, brilliant architecture, and also the perfect city life, this country has a lot to offer. Some of the most popular cities in Poland are Krakow and Warsaw.


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2. Hungary

If central Europe is on your mind, look nowhere and take a trip to Hungary. This country is home to some beautiful cities and alluring towns surrounded by pristine rivers, lakes, and even mountain ranges. The natural beauty, rich history, and outstanding architecture in Hungary are extremely magnificent. You will surely have a great time while travelling to destinations such as Lake Balaton and Budapest.

3. Slovenia

Europe attracts humongous tourists throughout the year and if you want to spend your European vacation somewhere serene amidst nature, Slovenia is your destination. Each and every corner of Slovenia features picturesque landscapes of scenic natural surroundings. Don’t forget to gorge on lip-smacking cuisine in this country.

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4. Estonia

When it is to travel to Estonia, the capital city Tallinn is everyone’s go-to destination. This Baltic city is a favourite for its rich history and culture. Interestingly, Tallinn is known as UNESCO-protected Old Town. If you love the countryside and want to spend a vacation amidst greenery, this is where you need to travel to.

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5. Albania

If you want all the experiences of beautiful mountains, pristine beaches, and historical towns in one place, Albania is your destination. This country has a plethora to offer to tourists and is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe. The greatest part is that this country has so many unexplored gems where you can enjoy experiences of a lifetime.