These 5 Discriminatory Practices In Indian Restaurants & Pubs Are Inhumane & Should Stop Right Now!

by Tania Tarafdar
These 5 Discriminatory Practices In Indian Restaurants & Pubs Are Inhumane & Should Stop Right Now!

A Delhi restaurant was recently in the news after a woman complained that she was denied entry because she donned a saree. In a viral video, the restaurant staff was seen stating, “Ma’am we allow only smart casuals and saree does not come under smart casuals.” This incident irked many netizens. However, this is not the first time that guests have experienced such discrimination in hotels and pubs. Many such incidents go unaccounted for every day. These discriminatory practices have no place in today’s society and they should stop right now!

1. Dress Code

There is absolutely no reason why a person should be denied entry based on what they are wearing. A dress code in offices is perfectly fine but it is totally unnecessary in restaurants. Don’t you think so? Denying entry to someone just because they show up in casuals is completely unacceptable. Google Will Now Help You Identify Eco-Conscious Hotels With Special Badges.

2. Class discrimination

In one such incident, a woman and her driver were denied entry because the latter did not appear classy enough. The woman elaborated on the same in a Facebook post, and when the restaurant was approached the staff said “it was a rumour”. Later the cashier gave a statement in the condition of anonymity and said, “His clothes were dirty and it was not right”. Remember the incident where a guest was denied entry in Kolkata’s Heritage hotel Mocambo just because of their appearance? 

3. Discrimination Against People From Other States

India’s constitution gives equal status to all citizens irrespective of their birthplace. Despite that, people from certain states such as Northeast India face discriminatory behaviour such as refusing entry and longer waiting periods. The unfortunate part about this is that there are no laws to protect victims of such discrimination. A racial slur is extremely common and it should stop right now!


4. Discrimination Against Women

Have you ever been refused entry to a pub, a lounge, or a bar because you are a woman? While this is not very common in the metropolis, it is a routine practice in low-cost bars and taverns. In fact, women find it challenging to find suitable accommodation in many places. The recent incident where a woman was denied entry into a Delhi restaurant can also be quoted as a classic example of discrimination against women. 

5. Discrimination Against Disabled People 

Although the government has mandated wheelchair facilities for all hotels and restaurants, most establishments either do not accommodate guests with disabilities simply because the arrangements come with a price. Sadly, even today, there are very few hotels and restaurants in the country which are disabled-friendly.

What are your thoughts on this?