These Sectors Have The Most Job Vacancies In Canada

by Shreya Ghosh
These Sectors Have The Most Job Vacancies In Canada

Canada is experiencing a major labour shortage for some time now. In fact, the shortage has been widespread in Canada in a way that it is now one of the most affected countries across different sectors. Recent statistics of the country state that these numbers of job vacancies rose to a very high extent in June 2022. Within a time span of 1 month from May to June 2022, the shortages rose by 3.2%, resulting in over 32,000 jobs in Canada.

Job Vacancies Is A Real Issue Now

Reports from Statistics Canada state that the job vacancy rate in the country is at 5.9%. Shockingly, it surged by 1% from June 2021. The ratio of unemployment and job vacancies in the country touched a new low of 1.0 in June 2022. A sense of relief is that this ratio was 1.9 last year. Meanwhile, it states that unemployment is slowly reducing in Canada. There are several sectors in the country that are facing issues because of the labour shortage presently.

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These Sectors Have The Most Job Vacancies In Canada

  • Recent statistics show that the health care and social assistance sector is experiencing job vacancies of up 40.8% since June 2021. In June 2022, the numbers of unfilled jobs were around 149,700 including a vacancy rate of 6.3%. Unfortunately, this rate is more than the entire rate of job vacancies all around Canada.
  • Recent reports show that there were around extra 15,200 job vacancies in the retail trade sector since the month of May 2022. It states that an additional 15.3% of jobs came to the market. With 114,400 job vacancies in this sector, the percentage rose 22.5% since June 2021.
  • There are many vacancies in the food and accommodation sector as well. In fact, Canada witnessed the most job vacancies in this sector with 171,700 positions in June 2022. This is a spike of 6.6% since May.

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  • In June 2022, the construction sector had around 89,200 job vacancies.
  • The manufacturing sector in Canada had 82,800 positions in the same month.
  • The collective count of 72,200 job vacancies was for professional, scientific, and technical services in June 2022.
  • For the transportation and warehousing sector, the vacant positions were 49,000.
  • Lastly, the finance and insurance sector saw 41,200 vacancies.