6 Things You Must Do As Soon As You Check Into A Hotel Room

by Tania Tarafdar
6 Things You Must Do As Soon As You Check Into A Hotel Room

What is the first thing you do when you check into a hotel room? Do you crash in the the soft matters or do you directly jump into the bath tub? If this sounds like you, you need a little crash course on the right way to check into a hotel room. We are not asking for a lot but safety first. These are the first things you must do as soon as you check into your room. Read on!

1. Check If Your Door Locks

This may sound like a no brainer but many of us assume that the door will automatically lock behind us. But hotel doors can malfunction leaving the door fully unlocked. So do not be surprised if someone enters your room while you sleep. Also, when you leave the room, let the door shut fully and then check the handle and see if the door can be opened without using key.

2. Make A Call To The Front Desk

Once the door is locked, the next step is to test the phone. Make a call to the front desk to check if you can actually reach the person concerned. Next, make a call to the emergency services in the hotel to ensure you can reach them when necessary. Here are 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid While Checking In & Out Of A Hotel.

3. Check For Hidden Cameras In Your Room

If you Google, you will find that there is a trend of hidden cameras in travel accommodations. While this may be more common in an Airbnb than a hotel room, there can be hidden cameras in items such as wall chargers and even smoke detectors. But what do you do to prevent falling victims to this act? Multiple smoke detectors in the room and bathroom and oddly placed gadgets, red lights or wires are warning signs.

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4. Check For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be dangerous enough to ruin your entire staycation or getaway. Bed bugs outbreak are common in five star hotels too as they travel in clothes and personal items. And so, even the cleanest of hotels fall victim to infestation. As soon as you check in your room, leave your luggage at the door and check for those pesky critters, under the mattress and the carpets. Inspect the sheets and check the cracks and crevices of the bed.

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5. Check The Sheets & Towels

Sure, you would just want to crawl to your bed after a long day of travel but before you do that, take a moment and check the towels and sheets. If the sheets were not cleaned, they will have stains, make up, and hair.
Also be sure to pull back the sheets and check the mattress for large yellow stains, mold and bugs. Want To Book A Hotel Room In Udaipur? Show A Negative COVID-19 Test Result.

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6. Keep Your Valuables In The Hotel Safe

The hotel safe is there for a reason. And while they may not be 100% secure, they are much better than leaving your valuables strewn around in the hotel room. As soon as you unpack, leave your passports, wallets, jewelry and even electronics in the safe. Locking everything up when you go to bed is also a good idea. Here are 6 Strange Travel Rules From Around The World You Must Know.


You would want to keep these tips handy for the next time.