This Award-Winning Vegan Burger Tastes Like Human Flesh

vegan burger tastes like human flesh
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 130

The world’s most bizarre burger is here to leave you spooked out of your wits. Swedish food company named Oumph has curated a vegan burger that tastes like human flesh. The burger that boasts of catering to cannibalistic has even won a prestigious award for creativity. Read on to know more about why you need or need not try it this Halloween. 

Swedish Company Creates Vegan Burger That Tastes Like Human Flesh

Pushing boundaries of food by miles, Oumph developed a vegan burger that tastes like human flesh. The co-founder corporate chef, Anders Linden revealed to media agencies that they achieved their goal of proving that any type of food can be created using just plant. Last year, Oumph invited patrons to sample the world’s first plant-based burger resembling human flesh meat. Fortunately, no human was harmed in the making of the burger.

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It’s Made Of Soya, Mushrooms & Spices

The pseudo cannibalistic burger was prepared with soya, mushrooms, wheat protein, plant-based fats and a mysterious spice mix. Interestingly, the bizarre burger even won a Silver Brand Experience and Activation Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. With this campaign winning in Cannes, it drew a lot of attention to the human flesh-tasting burger. It piqued people’s interests and yet left them slightly nauseated. So, will you ever try this burger? 


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