This Chennai Family Has Been Using Legos To Bond And Spread Awareness About Coronavirus

by Gizel Menezes
This Chennai Family Has Been Using Legos To Bond And Spread Awareness About Coronavirus

What started off as a way for the family to do something together during the lockdown, has turned into a medium for spreading awareness. A family in Chennai has been using ‘legos’ as a means to recreate stories around COVID-19 and spread awareness about the disease. And boy, these are brilliant!

Started Off As An Accident; Now A Means To Spread Awareness

Photographer Zippora Madhukar along with her husband and two sons, 10-year-old Matthias and 5-year-old Lucas, are spending their evenings using their lego collection to create awareness about COVID-19, in the most creative and vivid manner possible!

The project had, in actual, started off as something they wanted to do as a family. But as the novel coronavirus kept engulfing various regions in India and the world, it turned into one that could potentially help to spread awareness.

So Zippora started putting up posts on Instagram, featuring the day’s Lego creation. People loved them and wrote words of encouragement. And that is when she realized that it was a great way to spread awareness.

From depicting migrants walking to their villages on foot to Indian railways being turned into isolation wards, Zippora and her family have touched the soul of these COVID-19 stories.

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Project Has Also Acted A Means To Talk To Her Children About The Pandemic

The project has also helped Zippora speak to her sons about the pandemic. Recreating these issues with Lego has helped her communicate in the best possible way. And now, her sons have become more careful about hygiene in general.

The project has also brought out the creative sides of her kids. She was bowled over to see how imaginative her kids were during the entire process. “They have a much more vivid imagination”, she says, something she could never think of.

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Lockdown Day #15. Today's is a simple post admiring heroes of another kind. We all know that in a country like India, the govt has a Herculean challenge to try and contain this virus. Here in Chennai we have some 'Corona Cops' – Police Officers who have been very creatively informing people about this virus by wearing Virus-shaped helmets, and trying to raise awareness about it. We should at least appreciate their creativity and applaud them for trying! It's better than a lathi stick and force – anyday! Sorry I haven't changed their uniform colour, but… it's late, and I'm sure you all don't mind :p! #lego #legography #legophotography #chilling #legolockdown #stuckinplastic #minifigures #legoinstagram #legofacebook #thingswillbeokay #legocommunity #instalego #legostagram #legominifigs #legoart #legolove #cheersomeoneup #lockdowncreatives #legoindia #prayforthosewhogovern #thankyou #covidheroes #lockdownheroes #stayhomestaysafe  #chennaipolice @lego @legography #toyphotography #toyphotos

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During the 21-day lockdown, Zippora put up many Instagram posts showcasing the Lego creations. However, with the lockdown being extended, she says she won’t be able to do so regularly but will put up posts whenever possible. And honestly, we can’t wait!

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