This European Airport Becomes First To Get A 5-Star Rating For Following Covid-19 Safety Protocols

5-Star Rating
by Yogita Chainani 1529

Amid the covid-19 pandemic, all airports have to follow a set of protocols. Like other airports, Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is also making sure to take all the protocols seriously. Hence, the airport has become the first in the world to get a 5-star covid-19 rating from Skytrax, an international airline and airport rating organization.

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Rome Fiumicino Airport Gets 5 Star Rating To Follow All The Mandatory Protocols

The airport was awarded five stars based on its response to the pandemic. It made sure to follow the cleaning and disinfecting procedures as well as the social distancing policies. The airport was also fully equipped with face masks, hand sanitizer, and PPE kits. In terms of rating, an audit team performs inspections at each airport and then decides the ratings.

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On this, Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted said, 

“Rome Fiumicino Airport has done an excellent job in delivering COVID-19 protocols that enable a safe environment for customers and staff. In the core areas of hand hygiene and social distancing, the airport has strong procedures in place, and importantly, this is being reinforced by a high level of attention to terminal sanitization at high-contact points. It is the consistency of these measures that is also notable, and this is an essential factor behind Rome Fiumicino Airport being the first airport in the world to receive the COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating.”

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The Airport Also Has Opened A 7,000 sq Foot Covid Testing Centre.

Fiumicino, which is also Italy’s busiest airport has opened a 7,000 sq foot covid testing centre. The airport managed to do this in cooperation with the Italian Red Cross. Apart from this, the authorities have formed an in-house bio-safety team of 40 people to enforce social distancing rules and to ensure that everyone is wearing a face mask.

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In terms of the covid-19 pandemic, Italy has suffered a lot and has close to 300,000 covid-19 cases. 

Speaking about the Skytrax’s rating order, five stars a place with very high standards of airport cleanliness and maintenance procedures. Four stars mean good, and three is average. A ranking of two stars indicates that the airport’s COVID protocols need massive work. 

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