This Hotel In Bodh Gaya With Tree-Shaped Spa & Pristine Water Bodies Is The Most Peaceful In India

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 433

Thousands of travellers visit the spiritual destination of Bodh Gaya every year for a glimpse of the sacred Bodhi tree where Buddha attained enlightenment. The Buddhist pilgrimage site in Bihar, houses the Mahabodhi Temple Complex, Great Buddha Statue and Thai Monastery. Bodh Gaya has plenty of accommodations nestled in close proximity to the temple. But what makes Marasa Sarovar Premiere stand apart is that it’s the only thematic hotel in the heart of the holy city. Situated on the banks of the Falgu River, the entire space draws inspiration from the history of Buddha’s life and his teachings. From soothing colour pallets, open-to-sky courtyard, serene water bodies to the mindful use of the five pearls of wisdom of the Buddhist aspect of Vajradhatu Mandala, here’s why you will have a tranquil stay here.

Marasa Sarovar Premiere Bodh Gaya Has Serene Water Bodies, Soothing Colours & Earthy Tone

Walk into Marasa Sarovar Premiere in Bodh Gaya and you’d instantly recognise that this hotel has a holistic symphony of simplicity, serenity and tranquillity. A long central courtyard nestled right in the heart of the hotel has corbelled arches on both sides and warm lighting. A large urn is perched in the centre. Walk along the courtyard to reach a Peepal tree that’s symbolic of Bodhi.  With gentle water bodies, a banquet designed with lotus and peacock motifs and architecture inspired from the stupas, you’d be enamoured by the beauty and thought gone behind creating a soothing environment for the mind, body and soul.

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Stay In Tranquil Rooms That Evoke A Sense Of Calm

Marasa Sarovar Premiere has thoughtfully designed rooms and suites in five residential blocks. Stay in an abode overlooking five pristine waterbodies that symbolise serenity and tranquillity. The entire hotel is painted in gold, terracotta, white and beige hues. Exposed brick walls, soft beds, windows offering lush green views and soft lighting evokes a sense of calmness. The rooms are equipped with a cosy bed, TV, non-alcoholic minibar, AC, work desk with chair and free-Wi-fi. A room for two starts from ₹5543 per night onwards. 

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Tree-Shaded Spa, Beautiful Pool & Welcoming Tea Bar

A beautiful pool, tree-shaded spa and a spacious gym is located in an area surrounded by frangipani trees bearing white flowers. Perfectly implementing the theme of blue, white and green, these spaces help you to get one with the earth. Dine at Varada: The Cafe that serves delicious multi-cuisine delights. You can also visit the Tea Bar to sip over 100 varieties of soothing tea and munch on cold finger foods. There is also an in-room dining facility available all round-the-clock if you wish to enjoy a hot meal in the comfort of your room. Marasa Sarovar Premiere is a hotel that aims to provide devotees with a sense of calm, rooted in the city’s spiritual core.

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