This Is Venkatesh Daggubati’s Favourite Dish

Venkatesh Daggubati’s favourite food item is loved by many, especially kids.

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is Venkatesh Daggubati’s Favourite Dish

This incredibly talented uncle-nephew duo, Venkatesh Daggubati and Rana Daggubati joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, in this fun-filled episode of Sunday Brunch. They were here to promote their crime drama TV series on Netflix, ‘Rana Naidu’ which was released in March last year. Yes, this duo star together in it! This interview was all about good food, hearty laughter, childhood stories and more. If you want to know who is Venkatesh’s most pampered nephew then watch the entire video below.

Venkatesh Daggubati’s Favourite Food Item

We played a fun game with this cool duo where we discovered how well Venkatesh and Rana know each other. It was frankly pretty amazing to see how both of them were ready for this challenging yet entertaining game. Kamiya questioned them and they had to write the correct answers on a notepad.

While in the middle of the game, Venkatesh enquired about the non-vegetation food because he was extremely hungry. To this, Kamiya laughed and mentioned that every correct answer would earn them a non-vegetarian item. Then, it was time to gorge on flavourful main course dishes like biryani, kebabs and more.

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Next, Kamiya put up the question, “Sir’s (Venkatesh’s) favourite food dish?” Rana quickly wrote and flipped his notepad to show the word ‘Pizza’ written on it. Venkatesh exclaimed, “Oh my God!” when he saw it and confirmed that it was the right answer. His nephew was extremely proud to have answered the question correctly and told us that this was the one dish his uncle ordered at restaurants for sure.

He Adores Hyderabadi Cuisine

Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati
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Authentic Hyderabadi cuisine is rich in tantalising flavours and strong aromas. Venkatesh Daggubati shared that he totally loves to eat biryani, haleem and kebabs. Cannot argue with the classics, can we?

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Comment down below if you love pizza as much as Venkatesh Daggubati does.

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