This Is Why Airplane Windows Are Always Round

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Is Why Airplane Windows Are Always Round

Have you ever noticed the windows of the Airplane? Well of course not while you are boarding it and are in a hurry, but after everything is set turn an eye all around and you will see that almost everything in an airplane is somewhat round. Well, that is not just the design, it has more to it. Keep reading to know why airplane windows are always round. 

No Sharp Edges

The windows of an airplane are round and are something easily noticeable but if you observe a bit you will see that almost everything is round or somewhat round. In an airplane you will not find anything with sharp edges from trays to television sets to armrests. Sharp edges tend to hurt any part of one’s body be it the shoulder, hip or elbow and to avoid any such accidents on the airplane the things in it are designed so. 

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Plane’s Protection Too Matters

It is far more likely for a piece to suffer stress fractures or have the finish wear off at high points when manufactured with sharp edges, regardless of whether it is moulded, machined, painted, or covered in laminate. Hence they are designed round for it to last. 

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To Feel Safe

No matter which airline you decide or love to travel in,  all the aeroplanes have round windows. This has a reason more than just the design which is followed worldwide. Well, the round-edged windows feel safer than any other sharp edge shaped window. In 1953 and 1954, two planes got disintegrated mid-air due to the square windows and pressure disbalance. 

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