This Italian Island Will Pay Half Your Flight Tariff, If You Visit Post COVID-19 Lockdown

by Gizel Menezes
This Italian Island Will Pay Half Your Flight Tariff, If You Visit Post COVID-19 Lockdown

If a holiday is the only thing on your mind once the coronavirus lockdown ends and flights resume, here is one tempting offer you CANNOT refuse. An Italian island has offered to pay for half of your plane ticket if you visit it post lockdown!

Image Courtesy: Let’s Travel More

This Italian Island Will Pay For Your Flight After Coronavirus Lockdown Ends

Sicily, an island located south of Italy, wants to lure foreign travelers back to the island after the lockdown ends on May 4. So it has decided to not only pay for half of your plane ticket but also a one-night stay at a hotel and entry tickets for a few attractions.

For every three nights you stay at a hotel, the island will cover one of them, along with entry tickets for museums and archaeological sites.

This tempting offer will be available to book on the island’s tourism website Visit Sicily.

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Image Courtesy: La Gazzetta Italiana

Italy Is Looking To Boost Its Tourism Sector with This MOve

Italy, which was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, will slowly ease lockdown measures from May 4. Italy’s Prime Minister has urged citizens to follow social distancing rules as much as possible to keep the virus at bay and prevent it from infecting the community again.

In Italy, 13% of the GDP comes from tourism. However, due to the pandemic, Sicily’s tourism industry alone has suffered a loss of more than 1 billion Euros in the months of March and April, after travel restrictions were imposed and borders were closed.

Now as the lockdown ends, many tourist boards are trying to find ways to safely resume business, and ensure that social distancing remains in place.
Through such measures, the country is planning ways to reboot the tourism sector and woo tourists. It believes that offers like these will boost tourism and restart the economy.