This Kerala Couple Operating A State Bus Together Is Winning Hearts On The Internet

by Vinita Jain
This Kerala Couple Operating A State Bus Together Is Winning Hearts On The Internet

Bus of the Kerala State Road Transport Authority (KSRTC) has become a huge hit among the locals of Alappuzha, thanks to its conductor and bus driver. This bus is way different from regular ones because it boasts a music system, video surveillance, and colorful decorations. A short video uploaded by Iype Vallikadan on Facebook shows the whole bus, which is quite different from other local buses in Kerala. Behind the popularity of this bus is a happily married couple who made this unique bus.

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Both Of Them Operate This Bus Together

There is growing online admiration for couples in Kerala, Giri, and Thara who run this bus business. The duo took permission from the department of transportation and invested their money to make the bus stand out. The vehicle includes six CCTV cameras for passenger safety, emergency buttons, a music system, automatic air purifiers, LED targets, toys for children, etc.

They Beautified The Bus Together

According to the video, Gopi and Thara spent money from their own pockets to make this bus so beautiful. The people who travel regularly are now their fans. In fact, all of them have bonded so well that now they have their own WhatsApp groups.

In addition, Tara explains how they share their work in the clip. They get up at 2 am every day and start cleaning the bus. They try to finish all chores and other obligations by 5:30 am. Then they start a day trip with a lot of excitement and dedication. They reach back home at 10:30 pm.

Social media is full of clips telling the story of a beautiful bus and a couple. They met when they worked for a private company 22 years ago, Gopinath now says in a viral video. They finally got married in 2020 during the coronavirus blockade after having to postpone the wedding due to opposition from both families. Gopinath and Thara studied for a state test of the Public Services Commission (PSC)  while waiting to marry and persuade their relatives. Tara passed the exam in 2010 and Gopinas passed in 2007. And now the couple has been working together for 10 years at Haripad Depot.

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