This New Instaworthy Hangout Spot In Delhi Will Bring Europe To Your Table

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by Tooba Shaikh 207

Attention all Delhi folks! There is a new hangout spot in town that will blow your taste buds and your Instagram feed away. Ego Lounge and Bakery is here to fulfil your cravings with delicious European and Asian cuisine. Gorge on the delicious multi-cuisine food and treat yourself to delectable desserts from its bakery. This place has everything you need in order to have an outing filled with delicious food and fun-filled memories.

Ego Lounge & Bakery Is The New Hangout Spot In Delhi

From Italian to Thai, Ego Lounge and Bakery has it all. Try their pasta to add some cheesy, gooey deliciousness to your life. But if you’re craving some Asian cuisine, this place has got you covered there too! Try their mouthwatering Korean chicken for an explosion of flavours.

The ambience of a restaurant can be as important as its food. Any restaurant worth its salt serves vibes along with flavours. This is exactly what you get at this place! The tranquil atmosphere will add to the overall experience that you have at this restaurant.

It is also a great place to bring your clients for lunch or a meeting and wow them with the pizzazz of this place. Your meeting cannot go wrong if you bring them here.

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Serving The Vibes Along With The Flavours

If you’re someone who loves to be by yourself, this place is perfect for you. Imagine sitting in this peaceful restaurant, reading a book and sipping on a beverage of your choice! Remember that there’s a bakery too, so your quiet reading session will be garnished with the smell of a variety of delicious baked goods!

Punctuate your me-time with its delicious brownies, croissants and truffles. Before you know it, this cafe will become your second home and you’ll find yourself here every day befriending the pleasant staff and even other customers.

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When are you heading down to this amazing new place? Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Where: New Friends Colony, Delhi

When: 12:30 PM to 1:00 AM

Cost: ₹990 per person approx

Cover Image Credits: Ego Lounge/Facebook