This Pakistani Girl Is Chasing Her Dreams By Working As A Food Delivery Agent At Night

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by Shreya Ghosh 374

We see so many young people every day who are working very hard and putting extra effort to fulfill their dreams and support their families. Today’s story is about Meerab. She is a young Pakistani girl from Youhanabad, Lahore and she is a fashion designing student during the day and a food delivery agent during the night. Meerab’s story is getting viral in her country and overseas and she is an inspiration to the young generation.

The Pakistani Girl Is Working As A Food Delivery Agent At Night

A woman named Fizza Ijaz placed an order from the fast food chain, KFC. It was just like any usual order but the unusual thing happened when she received the call from the delivery agent. She picked up the call and heard a woman talking to her over the phone. The food delivery agent was Meerab. She became very excited to hear this and waited for Meerab outside the gate. Fizza and her friends talked with her for about 10 minutes and got to know her story. Fizza later shared her interaction with this Pakistani girl and her dreams on LinkedIn.

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Photo credit- Fizza Ijaz Facebook

Meerab is currently an undergraduate fashion designing student and she dreams to launch her fashion brand one day. During the night, she works as a KFC food delivery agent so that she can support her family with her hard-earned money. Her current plan is to continue this part-time job till she graduates. Fizza also mentioned that the KFC Education foundation is funding Meerab’s college fees but she is doing this extra part-time work at night to help her mother with medical expenses. With this earing, she can also manage the expenses of her college assignments.

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Meerab’s Story Is Motivating Everyone!

It has been about a week since Fizza uploaded this inspirational life story to the world on her LinkedIn account. The post went viral in no time and currently, it has more than 52,000 likes and thousands of comments. Meerab’s story is receiving loads of love and appreciation from social media. In fact, many netizens are willing to help Meerab financially and also provide any required professional guidance.