This Portuguese Island Is Offering A Picturesque WFH Settings For Digital Nomads

Portuguese Island
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 498

2020 was not great in many ways, but it gave us what we needed the most – work from home. Work from home, which once was a mere dream became a reality in 2020. And thanks to it, the concept of being Digital Nomad became popular than ever. Countries around the world began offering remote working programs specifically for remote workers. UAE too introduced a one-year work visa program specifically for digital nomads. And now the latest country to join the rank is Portugal. Portugal is taking things to the next level by creating a digital nomad village. Here’s everything you must know about it.

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Digital Nomads Madeira Will Host Up to 100 Remote Workers In The Town Of Ponta do Sol

Digital Nomads Madeira is a project that will host up to 100 remote workers at a time in the town of Ponta do Sol, home to only 8,200 residents. Sound’s exciting right? Well, you must know that phase one of this fun project will begin on February 1 and last through June 30, 2021. During phase 1, travellers intending to relocate will be provided with a free working space that comes with a desk and chair. Furthermore, they will be given access to a Slack community, and free internet from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at the John dos Passos Cultural Centre in the village.

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The Experience Will Let Travellers And Local Connect And Bond

Well, if you think this experience is all about work, then you must know that it will also include fun activities for the digital nomads, which help to build a connection between participants and the local community.

Speaking about the project, it is a joint effort between the regional government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and digital nomad Gonçalo Hall. On this, in an interview with 150sec, Hall said, 

“We have partnered with different local businesses such as real estate and rental car companies. The goal is to help the local community benefit from the social and economic impact that such an initiative can have.”

According to 150sec, if all goes well with phase one, Hall and his partners hope to implement the second initiative in Madeira and launch a similar venture in several rural areas of Portugal. If you are looking forward to work from someplace nice in 2021, then you must consider applying for this program. 

Applications for the same are now open and people who plan to participate must commit to staying in Ponta do Sol for at least one month. For more information, visit the official Digital Nomads Madeira website.

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