This Restaurant Will Give You Rs 370 Discount On Thali If You Are A Kashmiri

by Kanika Sharma
This Restaurant Will Give You Rs 370 Discount On Thali If You Are A Kashmiri

If you belong to Kashmir, and have a valid ID to prove that, then this restaurant in Connaught Place, will give you a discount of Rs 370 on its Article 370 Thali.

Picture Credit: Kush Johar/ Facebook

Ardor 2.1, that also has another outlet in Gurgaon, is known for an interesting array of dishes. As part of this thali, they are offering dishes like Kashmiri Pulao, Khameer Ki Roti Dum Aloo and Rogan Josh for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, respectively.

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What’s more?

The restaurant has been famous for offering quite a few interesting promotions – like the Baahubali Thali and pitcher, Modi Ji 56-Inch Thali and as part of the elections, they were also offering the United India Thali, with a wide array of vegetables, desserts and main course dishes.

They recently caught the attention of foodies as well by introducing India’s first female beer at their brewpub in Gurgaon. So, to say that this restaurant likes to experiment and explore (a lot), would probably be the right thing to do. Good for those who like to eat and try new things, they make sure that they are catering the foodie’s appetite by being innovative.

Picture Credit: Free Press Journal

The thali is priced at Rs 2,370 and Rs 2,699, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians respectively. However, even if you are not a Kashmiri, we suggest you definitely make a pit-stop here and try a few of the traditional dishes.

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Where: Ardor 2.1, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 2,370 (veg) and Rs 2,699 (non-veg)