This Uniquely Positioned Beach In India Has A Sea On One Side And River On Another

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 277

Apart from being home to exquisite cuisine and heritage destinations, Karnataka is also blessed with a 320km long coastline housing some of the most exotic and clean beaches in India. One of these exotic beaches is the Maravanthe Beach in Karnataka. What sets this beach different from others is that it is positioned with the sea on one side and a river on the other. 

A Unique Combination

This pristine beach offers you a sight of a combination to behold for life. The combination of a river and a sea on either side of a highway anywhere else, and is thought to exist exclusively in India. The beach has the mighty Arabian sea on one side and the blissful Suparnika river on the other side. The Suparnika River, which here practically approaches the Arabian Sea, travels approximately 10 km before making a U-turn and flowing westward to join the sea. The national highway NH-66 divides the beach creating the most amazing scenery. 

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A Desirable Tourist Destination

Maravanthe is unquestionably a desirable tourist destination because of the golden sand, the pure blue sky, the swaying palm palms, and the infinite shore. The Sauparnika River flows down the edge of the beach against the stunning backdrop of the Kodachadri Hills. At Maravanthe Beach, water sports are well-known and among the most popular activities for visitors. You can go swimming and scuba diving to see the coral reefs and other marine life, which is teeming with far-flung ocean creatures.

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