Thousands Attend Prague’s Massive Coronavirus Farewell Party

by Sanjana Shenoy
Thousands Attend Prague’s Massive Coronavirus Farewell Party

Just over a month after the Czech Republic started easing lockdown restriction, thousands of people attended a coronavirus ‘farewell party’ at iconic Charles Bridge. People gathered to celebrate their renewed freedom in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic plaguing countries across the world. A local cafe owner Ondrej Kobza organized this massive coronavirus farewell street party. He held the event as he believed its the end of the coronavirus crisis in the city. In Delhi, a restaurant owner was arrested for hosting a party of 38 people amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Coronavirus Farewell Street Party Held For Thousands Of People At Prague’s Charles Bridge

Ondrez Kobza a local cafe owner was responsible for organizing this street party at the Charles Bridge in Prague, This was attended by thousands of people. He revealed to AFP “We want to celebrate the end of the coronavirus crisis by letting people meet and show they are not afraid to meet, that they are not afraid to take a piece of a sandwich from their neighbour.” On the other hand, a Maharashtra couple skipped wedding celebrations to donate 50 hospital beds. 

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A 500m Long Table Set Up Along Charles Bridge For The Street Party

The party in Prague involved the setting up of a 500 metre-long (1,640 ft) table along the Charles Bridge. Locals brought their own food and drinks to share it with their neighbours. Guests also touted social distancing norms by sitting, singing and dancing in close proximity to each other.

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Local musicians and performers put up a show for thousands of people who attended this celebratory event. Kobza revealed to media houses that eh guests reserved their tables in advance. All space were also fully booked before the ‘farewell party’. He claimed that the party took place because there were hardly any tourists in Prague.

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Event Organizer Aims To Remove Coronavirus & Social Distancing Fear Through This Party

The event organizer Ondrej Kobza told AFP “Everyone had to do something to be here, bring food or a flower. The idea was for everyone to get involved. “We want to celebrate the end of the coronavirus crisis with people meeting up and showing they’re no longer afraid to meet others, that they aren’t afraid to accept a bite of a sandwich from someone.” He added “Society mustn’t be afraid. Otherwise, we’ll have an economic crisis, a depression and that will hit society harder than Covid-19.”

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The coronavirus farewell party was held despite an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic. The World Health Organization (WHO) also gave repeated warnings that the pandemic is speeding up.  The Czech Republic has till date recorded over 11,900 confirmed cases and 349 deaths. However according to the BBC, The Czech Republic contained the pandemic to a large extent by enforcing a lockdown immediately after cases emerged.

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Last week, the Czech government permitted the reopening of swimming pools, museums, zoos and castles without a limit on the number of visitors. The government also lifted a ban on public gatherings of up to 1000 people. While you can’t visit Prague right now, do watch this video to plan your Prague trip when its safe to travel again.