#ThrowbackThursday: Air India Posts About “Maharaja” Origin; Netizens Share Their Own Pics

by Shreya Rathod
#ThrowbackThursday: Air India Posts About “Maharaja” Origin; Netizens Share Their Own Pics

Among the elites of India, J.R.D Tata of Tata Sons had made a significant contribution to the history of India. He was the founder of Air India — the first Indian airline company. This airline proved to be an amazing addition. It started as an airmail service from Karachi to Madras via Bombay and Ahmedabad. However, the first domestic flight from Trivandrum to Bombay. Air India tweeted pics that pay tribute to their origin.

Pics Of Air India’s Origin!

The airline has a long history of its origin. The ‘Maharaja’ was the signature symbol for Air India. And they have tweeted some rare images of it. It shows different commercial advertisement posters that were first conceived in 1946. And the creator was none other than Bobby Kooka, commercial director of the airlines. The tweet is captioned ‘Throwback Thursday’. Interestingly, their tagline was ‘There Is An Air About India’!

Twitter Users were thrilled to see these rare advertisements and posted their old pictures that featured Air India. For instance, one of the users tweeted a picture of her younger self standing in front of the ‘Air India Maharaja’. The caption stated the pic was taken at the time when she was going to boarding school.

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History Of The Airlines

Though the airline was owned by the Tata Group, under the wave of nationalisation, everything from banks to airlines had become government property. And Air India was not an exception to this rule. Before this, the airlines had introduced services to Nairobi in Kenya and major European destinations Rome, Paris, etc.

But post-liberalisation, there were attempts made to re-privatise Air India, however, that wasn’t possible. But it happened after privatisation and the airline was owned by Tata & Sons’ subsidiary Talace Private Limited.

Now, Air India operates a fleet of Boeing aircraft and Airbuses and serves 102 domestic and international destinations. Looking at rare old images refreshes a lot of memories. And these throwback pics have done the same for many people.

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If you have some rare memories with this airline, then please share them with us in the comment box below!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & Air India/ Twitter