Tips To Come Up With The Best Instagram Captions For Your Travel Pics

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 975

There’s so much to do on vacation — explore the hotel, eat all the delicious food, sightsee, and Instagram of all of it. Making sure you have the perfect Instagram caption during your trip is just as important right? Please note that a good song lyric, a hashtag or a pun related to your location, can help your followers engage and make those ‘likes’ climb up. So whether you are heading off to the countryside in Europe or travelling to a tropical destination, if you are clueless about how to package your IG photos, keep reading.

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1. Keep It Short

The shorter is the caption, the sweeter it is!. Nobody wants to read an essay of your experience or a life-changing epiphany. You can save all the writing for Facebook. A quick and sharp line can be the best way, to sum your experience. However, ensure that your caption is related to the picture and isn’t some vague line taken out of context. These Inspiring Quotes And Captions On Social Media Are Helping Us With Quarantine Boredom.

2. Use Puns

Puns are incredibly attention-grabbing and will make you stand out of the crowd. Use them if you want your followers to stop scrolling and have a good laugh. If you are unable to think of a good pun for your photo, just add a funny lyric. You can also write a funny line about what is going on behind the scenes. Also, be sure to check your caption for any typo if you do not want to ruin a fantastic joke with a misplaced comma. Did You Know Jaipur Is One Of The Most Beautiful Instagrammable Spots In India?

3. Don’t Use Generic Hashtags

Using too many generic hashtags like #ocean, #beach, #summer will make your post get lost amongst millions of other such posts. Hashtags that are community-specific can give you more engagement and likes. When it comes to travel captions for Instagram, add groups and subgroups. Do some searching in the IG hashtag section by putting in general words like ‘travel’ and ‘voyage’, or even the location, and see the smaller subgroups coming up.

4. Add Fun Emojis

Emojis are like salt where just a bit can add all that flavour. Use emojis to emphasise what you are trying to convey. Feel free to use all the exclusive travel emojis such as national flags or cities to add a fun quotient to an otherwise serious-sounding caption. But please do not insert a whole paragraph of emojis as that will cause your followers to keep scrolling past and even unfollow you (gasp!). Never overdo emojis. Short On Travel Budget? These Guys Can Fake A Vacation For Your Instagram.

5. Tag Your Location

Tag as many and as much as you can in your post, whether that’s your location or the cafe to increase your engagement. Leaving an open-ended question in your caption is a great way to get people commenting and engaging in your post. Be sure to respond and like people’s comments to get the follower count up and earn more recognition. Hooray! Did you know of these India’s 10 Most Instagrammable Cities?

A good caption either can make or break your post, so be sure to kick your captioning skills into gear and watch the likes flood in!

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