Tired Of Waiting, Bangalore Auto Driver’s Message To Customer Is Winning The Internet!

by Shreya Rathod
Tired Of Waiting, Bangalore Auto Driver’s Message To Customer Is Winning The Internet!

Bangalore is filled with rising real estate prices, heavy traffic and clogged roads! The problem only becomes worse during rush hour, when it is tough for passengers to hail cabs or rickshaw rides. Even if you were able to reserve a trip online, the wait for the driver to show up appears excruciating and intolerable. Since traffic-related problems occur so frequently, a new peculiar commuter story appears online virtually every day. And this new one from the Bangalore auto driver will undoubtedly have you laughing out loud.

Bangalore Auto Driver Gives An Ultimatum To His Passenger!

In a tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter), a user opened up about an ultimatum from an auto driver. It appears that the customer ordered the transport via an online application but was unable to make it to the pick-up spot in time. Through the messaging feature of the application, the car driver communicated with the client.

However, even after pinging her twice with the message reading ‘I’ve arrived’, the driver got no response. However, what follows renders the story totally unbelievable. When the customer and the driver are unable to communicate, the latter declares, “Time is over.”

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On Tuesday, August 8, the Twitter user posted a screenshot of the amusing one-sided debate online. She wrote that she had booked an auto but the driver gave her an ultimatum.

Another Hilarious Incident Happened In Bangalore

It’s still unknown whether the Twitter user was allowed to commute in the same car or if the driver ultimately decided to cancel the trip. An auto driver who simultaneously accepted his ride requests on two separate applications was previously observed by another Twitterati.

The man apparently booked trips on two different applications, thinking he’d catch the first one to arrive, in an effort to get there quickly. He had no idea that the same driver would comply with both of his requests. As proof, the Twitter user posted a screenshot of the phenomenon.

And the caption read that both were in two different locations, different apps and different phones. However, it was the same auto and the same driver!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Aishwarya/ Twitter