Titanic II: 112 Years After Its Tragic Sinking, Australian Billionaire Is All Set To Revive Titanic

Titanic II, a pet project of Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer, Titanic II will set sail in 2027.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Titanic II: 112 Years After Its Tragic Sinking, Australian Billionaire Is All Set To Revive Titanic

It’s been 112 years since the British luxury ship, RMS Titanic tragically crashed into a massive iceberg and sank, claiming the lives of 1517 people. Yet, throughout decades, the incident and the Leonardo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet starter Titanic continue to pique the public’s interest towards the British luxury ship. The chatter around it continues even after 112 years. And now, Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire has vowed to review Titanic II. Read on to learn more.

Australian Billionaire To Revive Titanic; Will Sail In 2027

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Clive Palmer, 10 years ago, first announced his desire to revive Titanic. He expressed his wish to build a replica of the world’s most famous cruise ship in history. As per a CNN report, the mining mogul announced his plans in 2012 and 2018. On Wednesday, Palmer, revived his pet project to build a Titanic replica Titanic II—  during an event at the Sydney Opera House.

The billionaire said his company, Blue Star Line intends to not only build the replica ship but also set sail in June 2027. According to a report by NDTV, he stated that after unforeseen global delays, they have re-engaged partners and finally brought the dream of Titanic II to life. The reason for the delay he cites were government lockdowns that posed major setbacks for the cruise industry due to the COVID-induced lockdowns. To bring Titanic II to life, Palmer and his team are employing the best engineers and designers in the world.

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“Far Superior To The Original,” He Claims

Picture Credits: Wikipedia

Moreover, he claims Titanic II will be ”far, far superior to the original”. The mining mogul said to the media that this ship will be able to accommodate 2345 passengers with 835 cabins across nine decks. However, almost half of the rooms will be reserved for first-class passengers. With a net worth of $4.2 billion, Palmer stated that he looks forward to working on the Titanic rather than sitting at home and counting his money. Just like the RMS Titanic, this ship too, will have the same interiors and cabin layout complete with Turkish baths, a swimming room and a heritage-designed ballroom.

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The tech mogul estimates the ship replica will cost between $500m and $1 billion. The ship’s first voyage in 2027, is intended to trace the original route of the tragic 1912 voyage from Southampton to New York, a form of catharsis.

Meanwhile, are you looking forward to Titanic 2.0 AKA Titanic II?

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