Top 5 Sites In The UAE That Should Be On Every Scuba Diver’s List

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 2037

The UAE is not only known for its luxurious resorts and properties, but it’s also known for its adventure activities. Be it the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi or Motion Gate in Dubai- there are a plethora of things that one can choose from when it comes to planning an adventurous day in the UAE. And if you are someone who is not a fan of rollercoasters, but love water, then you must consider visiting iconic Scuba diving spots in the UAE. The UAE has several sites that offer a variety of diving experiences – from shallow to drift, wreck and wall. With expansive marine lives and crystal blue waters, Scuba diving should be on your list this year. And if you already have it on your list, then here are the top five places in the UAE where you can enjoy a fun scuba-diving session.

Top Scuba-diving Sites In The UAE That You Must Visit 

1. Inchcape 1, Fujairah

If you have already done scuba diving and are well-versed with it, then this place is for you. Inchcape 1 in Fujairah was donated to the UAE by Inchcape Shipping Services in 2001, the wreck is about 20 metres long and rests upright on its keel. The waters surrounding it flow into the Indian Ocean, which also means that underwater life is quite different from what you see in the rest of the country’s coast.

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2. Zainab, Dubai:

Dubai’s Zainab is known as one of the most renowned sites for scuba-diving in the city. Settled at a depth of 30 metres on a flat sandy bottom about 40 minutes by boat from the Dubai coastline, the wreck is well worth exploring. You get to see a lot of aquatic species and countless marine creatures have made this spot their home for years. So you get to see some of the best in this wreck.

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3. Red Buoy, Abu Dhabi

For an excursion that guarantees lots of marine life, Abu Dhabi’s Red Buoy is a safe pick. The best part about this place is that the visibility here is always perfect, and one can find a plethora of fishes here. On some days, you can even spot a whale shark, now ain’t that cool? The site goes down to about 11 metres, so it’s good for advanced divers, and it lies about 19 kilometres off the coast of the emirate.

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4. Dibba Rock, Dibba

If you are a new driver or are not much confident in deeper water, then this place is apt for you. It goes down to about 14 metres so you can also have fun if you’re more experienced, but it has a sloping rock that allows divers to stay in shallower depths keeping the experience in mind.

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5. Small shipwrecks, Abu Dhabi

This one is located around 30 kilometres off the coast of Abu Dhabi and offers some of the best underwater treasures. It is a must-visit place, and depending on the tide- you can go as deep as 12 metres. Below the waves, you can enjoy the sight of the most beautiful colourful fishes that have made this place their home.

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