Top 6 Destinations In India For A Scorpion Who Enjoys Secluded Places With Pristine Beauty

Destinations In India For A Scorpion
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 741

Being self-reliant, Scorpions do not favour doing away with their preferences much, even while travelling. And to ensure that they don’t depend on anybody else, they will put everything they need, or they might need, inside their bags. They can end up overpacking their bags but they will make sure they do not run out of anything necessary. Scorpions prefer secluded places and hands down, they are highly romantic souls. They need a lot of privacy when they travel with their partners, so they love to cocoon in the lap of nature. Scorpions are great solo travellers too and they need some doses of adventure as well. Hill-top monasteries, coastal forts and similar places that are a melange of natural beauty and old-world charm inspire them a lot. Here are 6 places in India that you need to explore if you happen to be a Scorpio:

 1. Bir Billing

Scorpions love their me-time and how about spending that time up in the air, while paragliding? Bir Billing is a paradise for paragliders. The twin towns Bir and Billing, are clean and strikingly beautiful. The mountains, the green expanses, the tiny hamlets, the clear blue skies and more make the destination postcard-perfect and soul-satisfying. Meanwhile, a man went on paragliding in Billing with his little kitten. 

Destinations In India For A Scorpion

Picture Credits: Adventure Nation

2. Kaffergaon

Perched at an elevation of nearly 1,675 meters, Kaffergaon is a hidden Lepcha hamlet in the Himalayas, near Darjeeling. There are still very few people who actually know about Kaffergaon, the very reason it can be a perfect romantic escape for a Scorpion. There is a homestay in the Himalayan village beside a lush green forest and from its bridge, the marvellous Kanchenjunga mountain can be clearly seen.

Destinations In India For A Scorpion

Picture Credits: Kaffer Homestay

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3. Kutch

The mesmerising salt mire in Gujarat’s Kutch district, the Rann of Kutch is one of the world’s immense salt deserts, spread across an area of nearly 7,500 square kilometres. A breathtaking silence prevails in the deserted expanse of Kutch. The predominant void in the white desert is splendid and can detach a Scorpion from the stresses of the daily routines. On first sight, the land looks like snow. Step on it and you will feel it crunch under your feet. The silver moonlight touching the cold and white sands at night creates a dreamlike view. The best way to experience the White Rann is to stare into the moon, sit by yourself and take it all in.  Won’t you just love this feeling, Scorpions?

Destinations In India For A Scorpion

Picture Credits: The Rann Utsav

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4. Kodaikanal

Popularly known as the princess of all hill stations, Kodaikanal is surely one of the best hill stations in India. The lush green tea plantations, pillar rocks, forested valleys, mist-covered hills can spellbind anyone who loves nature and mountains. You can bring out the shutterbug in you and take plenty of snaps at the Palani Hills, the Bear Shola Falls and the iconic Kodai Lake. Kodaikanal makes for the perfect monsoon escape and the scent from the rain-drenched mud is a soul healer in true sense.

Destinations In India For A Scorpion

Picture Credits: Social Wallpapering

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5. Rishikesh

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand offers the perfect package to satiate a Scorpio traveller, with wonders like the meandering turquoise river, the spiritual yoga ashrams, the mountain-locked temples and adventurous sports like river rafting. Scorpions can be in their best selves at Rishikesh, especially while travelling solo, balancing between soaking in the natural beauty and feeding their adrenaline rushes by taking part in the adventure activities.

Destinations In India For A Scorpion

Picture Credits: Instagram/@iam_ck__

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6. Havelock Island

With picturesque beaches and mesmerising scenery, the Havelock Island in Andaman truly a sight to behold. Interestingly, Havelock island also houses the 16th best beach in the world, the Radhanagar Beach. Apart from strolling on the beach, you can try out scuba diving and explore coral reefs here. A long time ago, this place was known for punishment and imprisonment, but now it is a gorgeous tourist destination.



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