Traffic Police Identify 5 Most Traffic Congested Roads In Mumbai And Its Plan To Ease Them

by Shreya Ghosh
Traffic Police Identify 5 Most Traffic Congested Roads In Mumbai And Its Plan To Ease Them

Mumbai is known all around the world for so many reasons. Out of all these, one infamous reason is the city’s traffic. Congestions and hour-long traffic jams in the Maharashtra capital are simply unimaginable. Though most parts of Mumbai face the same issue, there are some points in the city that are known for the worst congestion, Mumbai traffic police are now planning to resolve problems in these places.

The Traffic In Mumbai Is Increasing Rapidly

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With the increase in population and more vehicles on the road, traffic is rising at a high speed. Traffic jams are turning out to be the most problematic for those passengers who need to travel daily. With every passing day, the issues are increasing with more and more congestion everywhere. And to control all these difficulties, traffic police are taking some necessary steps.

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What Are The Plans Of The Traffic Police?

To begin solving one of Mumbai’s biggest issues, a survey has been conducted. The result of this survey has helped the traffic police to find out the city’s 5 most congested roads. These places are now termed “pain points”, according to a report by Hindustan Times. To manage the situation at these pain points, traffic police have laid out some plans and informed the concerned authorities to work on this.

These Are The 5 Pain Points Of Mumbai:

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1. Bandra East & Bandra-Kurla Complex

Bandra East and Bandra-Kurla Complex are known for horrible congestion. Pravin Padwal, the joint commissioner of traffic police shared that the railway exit at Bandra East creates a lot of problems due to the improper way of auto parking on the road, according to the Hindustan Times report. Commuters face miserable experiences here quite often. Traffic police have sent a letter to MMRDA stating about working on the existing foot-over bridge and a new subway.

2. Bandra West Lucky Junction

This junction is such an important one. But commuters have a harsh time here frequently. To resolve this area’s issue, traffic police asked MMRDA to build a subway connecting Lucky Junction and Bandra station and a skywalk bridging between metro and railway stations.

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3. SV Road Outside The Borivali West Railway Station

Hawkers are a major problem in the SV Road close to the Borivali West Station. Traffic police asked BMC to take some steps that will make the hawkers leave that place and also not return again.

4. Churchgate Railway Station:

Walkers taking the road outside the station has been a long problem. To deal with this congestion, traffic police asked BMC to build a bigger road divider in the congested areas outside Churchgate railway station so that no one can walk pass them. Also, they wrote to BEST to make space for only one person at the entry area of the bus stop.

5. T2 Entrance Of The Western Express Highway:

The entrance at this point can turn into chaos if a heavy vehicle like a bus faces any problem there. Now traffic police wrote to BEST to regulate the conditions of their bus once every 6 months. Also, they mentioned wrapping up the bridge construction soon so that people can take that route.

What do you think of these plans?

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