Mumbai-Nashik Local To Launch By New Year Easing Travel For Commuters

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 1053

Residents traveling daily from Mumbai to Nashik will have things easy now as the Nashik-Kalyan Main Electrical Multipurpose Unit (MEMU) local train service has finally been approved by the authorities. If the trial run is successful in December, it will be launched by the new year. This local train will boost the connectivity within Maharashtra. Apart from easing travel between the two destinations, this initiative will also boost the development of Nashik as well.

Mumbai-Pune Cab Fares Gets Expensive

If you travel from Mumbai to Pune often, you know that the bus and private cab fares are quite expensive. Besides, there are very limited trains running between Mumbai and Delhi. Commuters travelling daily between these two cities often have to settle for private cabs. However, with the hike in diesel and petrol prices, travellers will now have to pay more for the cab.

The Private Cab Fares Have Increased To ₹675 From ₹475

Most private cab services have increased their prices. And while the earlier rate for an air-conditioned (AC) cab was ₹475 per seat, it has now gone up to ₹675. In fact, cabs providing airport pick up and drop have also increased their prices. As the diesel rates have risen steeply, cab drivers are left with no choice but to increase the booking rates.

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The Hike In Diesel Prices Has Led To The Increase In Fares

Also, cab drivers have incurred heavy losses during the pandemic, and going back to the old rates will not be viable for them. That said, the train remains the cheapest option for travel between these two cities. The ticket for Deccan Queen comes for ₹105 while other trains like Sahyadri Express and Sinhagad Express with more stoppages between the two cities have not resumed their services yet.

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Commuters have accused the cab drivers of cheating. Many cab drivers attract passengers by quoting cheaper fares but that is actually subject to the number of passengers in the car. When the passengers begin the onward journey, the cab driver increases the rates depending on the number of seats they can fill. Soon, You Can Travel From Mumbai To Pune In New Glass-Domed Coaches With Rotatable Seats Offering Panoramic Views.

Meanwhile, MSRTC buses have not changed their rates.

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