Travel From Panipat To Delhi Terminal 3 In Just 20 Mins With This Tunnel Project; Routes & More Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Travel From Panipat To Delhi Terminal 3 In Just 20 Mins With This Tunnel Project; Routes & More Inside

The tunnel connecting the Kapashera border with NH-8 is 80 percent finished. According to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the tunnel between the Haryana border and Delhi’s IGI Airport Terminal 3 will significantly reduce travel time, maybe to as little as 20 minutes. Eight lanes would also be present in the tunnel, mirroring the design of the Dwarka Expressway. 

Panipat To Delhi Terminal 3 In Just 20 Mins

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Up until IGI Terminal 3, there will also be two tunnels. Construction on the second tunnel is currently 50% complete and is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2023. 

The NHAI is building two tunnels as part of its Dwarka Expressway project. The first tunnel, starting from the Haryana border, would be the nation’s largest shallow depth tunnel project at 3.6 km. The second tunnel, located closer to the airport, will be 2.5 km long.

Once finished, travelers from Panipat will be able to travel 40 km to Alipur on the Urban Extension Road-2 (EUR-2) and connect to the Dwarka Expressway. 

The tunnels will be used to reroute traffic headed for the airport. According to NHAI, this will relieve congestion on city streets, shorten travel times, and benefit travelers financially. (as per The Times Of India)

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Benefit For Regular Commuters From NH-8

According to Nitin Gadkari, India’s Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, the Dwarka Expressway and tunnel developments might reduce traffic between Dhaula Kuan and Gurugram by 50%. 

The improvements, according to experts, are only a temporary fix for the city’s traffic issues because congestion will inevitably worsen as vehicle density rises.

Additionally, regular commuters from NH-8 will save money because of the smooth travel on the expressway and through the tunnels, which results in less fuel consumption than when there is congestion now. 

Long-term, it would also minimize wear and tear, save time, and save the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles due to the less congested route and shorter travel distance. (as per The Times Of India)

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