Kanika Sharma

Who needs a fellow traveller when you can explore the world on your own? This is exactly what Kanika Sharma feels! She makes plans and takes off, whether she has company or not.

A solo traveller at heart, her travel escapades don't just stop at destinations, but she also goes for luxury staycations... ALONE! She is 31 and single; and after being to 11 different countries solo some of which include Indian states as well. Her total count is 16 countries and 18 Indian states (that include union territories as well), she constantly works on increasing her number, one ticket at a time

What's Stopping You From Being A Solo Traveller?

How many times has it happened that you have thought about taking a solo trip but the thought of travelling all by yourself in this 'big bad world' has stopped you from taking that plunge? I felt the same, until one day , I just booked my tickets and left; and then there was no turning back. Read on to know how easy it is to travel solo. All you have to do, is take that leap of faith. What's the worst that could happen?

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