Travelling To Abu Dhabi? You Need To Know These COVID-19 Requirements

by Deeplata Garde
Travelling To Abu Dhabi? You Need To Know These COVID-19 Requirements

Since the outbreak, the UAE has been foremost in enduring substantial steps to dismiss the COVID regulations. From relaxing of quarantine to PCR testing, travelling to Abu Dhabi is easy now. Even the border restrictions in Abu Dhabi were recently removed. The NCEMA has amended some of its Covid-19 requirements. Learn all you need to know about mask-wearing restrictions in the capital city.

Green Pass No Longer Required To Enter UAE

The scanners that examine commuters for signs of Covid-19 will no longer remain at the checkpoints as well.
Employees, tourists, and contractors will still need a Green Pass to enter Abu Dhabi Government premises. Employees without vaccination can’t enter unless they have a valid exemption. Green Pass system will continue for entrance to public locations such as shopping malls etc.

Travelling To Abu Dhabi? Know The Updated Regulations

For fully immunised travellers, the UAE has eliminated PCR testing. They must instead present a vaccination proof with a legible QR code. Anyone without vaccination must present a negative PCR test within 48 hours of departure. Or else a recovery letter with a QR code demonstrating that have had the infection within a month of travel. This applies to the ones without vaccination.

The green list system in Abu Dhabi has been recently abolished. All international travellers are no longer subject to quarantine. From Monday, they will abolish all road border checks. The Al Hosn Green Pass will no longer last when arriving from Dubai.

Optional Usage Of Face Masks

Effective from Saturday, wearing face masks isn’t mandatory. The rule is in effect across the UAE. Practice the use of face masks in all open indoor spaces, including malls and campuses. Physical distance rules remain in force as well.

Close relatives of positive individuals are exempt from quarantine in Dubai. And no PCR testing is necessary. Although, this regulation only applies to those not exhibiting any symptoms. Keep all this while travelling to Abu Dhabi or anywhere across UAE.