Tunisia’s Medical Tourism Industry Is Growing & Flourishing; 2 Million Visit For Treatment

Over 2 million visitors travel to Tunisia annually boosting medical tourism.

by Shreya Ghosh
Tunisia’s Medical Tourism Industry Is Growing & Flourishing; 2 Million Visit For Treatment

Travel experiences and preferences have transformed over the last few years. From a rise in different types of tourism to exploring offbeat destinations, travellers plan their trips based on different demands, specifics, and reasons. Amid all this, medical tourism is growing massively globally. This rising global phenomenon in Tunisia is thriving and in demand all around the world.

Medical Tourism Industry In Tunisia Is Flourishing

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The current economic condition of the government and the people of Tunisia is not in a good state. The government is in debt and the locals are facing issues due to economic problems and financial distress. While a significant part of this country is going through a hard phase, the medical tourism industry is growing quite well. Seeing the rise and growth in this sector, the authorities are coming up with plans and proposals to boost the industry and extend it to more extent.

Millions of visitors come to this nation from different parts of the world every year. Many of them visit Tunisia for medical purposes. The number of tourists coming to this country for the medical tourism industry is more than 2 million, according to a report by Hindustan Times. It is known for being Africa’s top country for medical treatment and healthcare.

The massive industry of medical tourism is growing significantly in Tunisia. It has been some time since the travel-related restrictions and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted. In comparison to that time and the present, the industry has seen an uptick and it is improving very well. A health ministry official stated that the industry makes a revenue of about 3.5 billion dinars (₹9,44,42,13,55,850) annually. This makes for around 50 per cent of the country’s tourism income in the previous year.

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Why Do Patients Travel To Tunisia?

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Hundreds of patients visit there to get treatments for problems regarding conceiving. Patients from sub-Saharan African places, North Africa, Canada, Britain, and Switzerland visit Tunisia for treatment. Some of the biggest factors that influence people from differnt countries and continents to visit this African nation are extraordinary services, getting treated by fertility specialists, and also affordability.

About 15 per cent of foreign visitors travel there for for cosmetic surgery. In fact, the patients come to Tunisia for operations and surgeries and follow-ups of checkups as well.

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