Turkish Chef Chops Onions While Para-Motoring; Takes Adventure To New Heights

turkish chef chops onions while para-motoring
by Sanjana Shenoy 1618

Adventure sports are a total thrill to some and a fright to others.  With new trends for adventure activities taking over social media, there’s always something unusual to look forward to. A Delhi boy took his dog paragliding 3500 feet above. Peppy, became India first cat to go paragliding with its owner-pet parent in Bir Billing. And now, a Turkish chef has taken adventure to new heights. How? Well, in a viral social media video the chef was seen calmly chopping onions while para-motoring high up in the air.

Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir Chops Onions While Para-Motoring In Viral Video

Does chopping onions bring tears to your eyes? Well, not for Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir. Burk posted an Instagram reel where he is chopping onions like a pro while para-motoing. And he didn’t shed a tear. The video shows the chef referred to as CZN Burak sitting on a para-motor. In the very next second, he picks up a knife and starts chopping onions, without even looking down at it. Smiling widely at the camera, his hands move like they are on auto-pilot mode. He captioned the Instagram reel as “Do you like flying onions?”

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Social Media Users Flooded Video With Appreciation For His Knife Skills

The clip shared on July 12 has now become a viral sensation, garnering over 8 lakh likes on Instagram. Netizens have flooded social media praising Burak’s knife skills. One user commented that people on the ground might think like it’s raining onions from the sky. Reminds us of the movie ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’.  Another netizen commented that the whole city will cry. While many lauded him for the daring video, there were some who criticised him for wasting onions, as the chopped slices blew off with the wind.  Chef Burak Ozdemir is a sensation on Instagram. He even baked a personalised bread loaf for India’s tennis ace, Sania Mirza, during her visit to his restaurant in Dubai. The bread had ‘Mirza’ written all over it.


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