Tweet Showing Queue Outside Lounge At Airport Sparks Indians-Credit Card-Lounge Access Debate

A Twitterati shared a picture showing the difference between people awaiting access in the lounge area v/s regular waiting area at the Delhi airport.

by Tashika Tyagi
Tweet Showing Queue Outside Lounge At Airport Sparks Indians-Credit Card-Lounge Access Debate

Once upon a time, waiting in an airport lounge area was a luxury enjoyed by a select few. Then as credit cards and airport lounge access became a little more accessible to all, it became a place filled with people and long waiting hours! And that’s exactly what an X (formerly Twitter) user recently noticed at the Delhi Airport. She saw the long queues outside the lounge area and compared it with the already seemingly relaxed bunch of people sitting in the regular waiting area. The comparison, as you can imagine, was hilarious!

To Lounge Or Not To Lounge At The Airport, That Is The Big Question!

X (formerly Twitter) user @VandanaJain_ posted a meme-worthy picture of the Delhi airport recently. In the now-viral picture, she captured the stark difference between people waiting to access a premium lounge area at the airport in contrast with people in the regular waiting room.

It hilariously captured how people were waiting for a longer time in order to enjoy the luxury and comfort of the airport lounge v/s people who already seemed quite relaxed while waiting for their flights. She posted the frame capturing the difference and captioned it with “India is not for beginners.”

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Internet Laughs At The Stark Difference In The Picture

long queue
Image Courtesy: Canva

Seeing the contrast of people waiting for access in the ‘comfortable airport lounge’ area in comparison to already seemingly comfortable flyers in the regular waiting area, the internet couldn’t help but have a hearty laugh.

People even talked about how lounge access was once a luxury that has now lost its charm.

What’s your take on this? Do you prefer waiting in a lounge or a regular waiting area?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@VandanaJain_ & Canva

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