Twitter Shark Tank: 12-YO Boy Impresses iD Fresh Food CEO With Pitch On Doughnut Batter Mix

by Sanjana Shenoy
Twitter Shark Tank: 12-YO Boy Impresses iD Fresh Food CEO With Pitch On Doughnut Batter Mix

South Indian dishes like idli, vada and dosa have now become extremely popular breakfast dishes across the country. Instant dosa mixes and more have popularised these dishes. iD Fresh Food, a Bengaluru-based company is one such venture that offers instant dosa, idli and vada mixes. Now, they could possibly come up with a doughnut mix, all thanks to a 12-year-old boy’s passionate idea.

12-Year-Old Pitches Doughnut Batter Mix Idea To iD Fresh Food

The CEO of iD Fresh Food, Musthafa PC recently took to his Twitter account to share a video of a 12-year-old boy pitching an idea for a doughnut mix. And he certainly seemed to have impressed the CEO himself. In the video, the boy using a whiteboard and marker smartly presents his doughnut mix idea.

It seems like he has taken a leaf out of Shark Tank’s notebook. Brimming with entrepreneurial energy, the young boy presents a hand-drawn diagram of a doughnut batter pack. Next, he explains his idea for a ‘doughnut dispenser’. From spring, dispenser, and valve to casing, the young boy explains his elaborate idea with a lot of technical jargon.

Musthafa PC supplements the video with a caption. In the caption, he mentions that this 12-year-old boy on seeing iD Fresh Food’s vada pack asked his mother why the company can’t make a doughnut batter mix too. So, he decided to solve the problem himself and inspire the company to launch a doughnut batter pack.

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Inspires CEO To Give This A Shot!

The boy sent a video with a scientific explanation on how the company can produce doughnut batter pack. Interestingly,  Musthafa PC mentions that iD Fresh Food is inspired to give this a shot. And promises to do so. Also, he salutes all the entrepreneurs of the future.

Netizens were also thoroughly impressed by the young entrepreneur’s idea. One person was impressed by the fact that he presented his idea with calculations. Another suggested he deserves a lifetime supply of doughnuts.

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Meanwhile, are you excited about iD Fresh Food’s doughnut batter mix, inspired by a 12-year-old? We dough-nut doubt this!

Cover Image Courtesy: _Musthafa PC/ Twitter