UAE Airlines Will Now Accept PCR Test Reports From All Approved Labs In Countries Of Departure

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Airlines Will Now Accept PCR Test Reports From All Approved Labs In Countries Of Departure

On 1 August the UAE issued a new travel rule for passengers arriving in DXB. As per the new rule, UAE now accepts PCR test results from authorisized laboratories in the countries of departure. Travelers who can’t locate a UAE-designated lab near them to can now test in authorized labs. All passengers under 12 must carry a negative Covid test from the country of departure, prior to boarding the flight.

Meanwhile, Etihad also announced mandatory Negative PCR Test For All Abu Dhabi-Bound Travellers.

Passengers Must Test 96 Hours Before Departure

All citizens, residents, tourists and transiting passengers must test 96 hours prior to departure. Kids under 12 and those who with prior health conditions are exempt from the test.

“If the UAE government has specified a designated laboratory in your country of origin, then you must get your certificate from that lab. If it is not specified, please use an accredited lab in your country of departure,” Emirates airline said in the travel guidance updated on August 1. Emirates has also provided a list of laboratories certified by the government. Meanwhile, This Country Will Pay You 3,000 US Dollars If You Visit & Get Covid.

Etihad Relaxes PRC Rules

Previously, Etihad Airways had a rule that passengers must get their Covid test done only from labs approved under the Pure Health group. However, the airline has now relaxed this rule. In a recent update, the airline announced that passengers can now get their Covid test done from locally-approved clinics listed for cities or countries of departure on its website. This list can be used in case there are no approved Pure Health group labs in the country of departrue.
In addition, the airline has also provided a link to locate the closest clinic by entering their city or country of departure. “If you are flying from Pakistan, your test must be carried out at a Chughtai or Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC) lab. Test results issued by any other clinic will not be accepted,” the airline stated.

Results from India’s ICMR labs accepted

As for cities in India, the airline stated that the test must be conducted in a Pure Health-approved medical facility. However, in case this is unavailable in the area of residence, passengers can opt to test in centre approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research.
Air India passengers travelling from India to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah must carry a valid negative PCR test certificate from one of the a government-approved laboratory in India (ICMR). The test can also be conducted by a certified laboratory, available on the Pure Health website. The test must be conducted 96 hours prior to travel. Passengers must carry a printed copy of their test results.

Passengers Flying Out From Dubai Must Produce PCR Test At Check In

Passengers flying out from Dubai to specific destinations must take a PCR test, done within 96 hours. All passengers travelling to UK, Europe and other mandated destinations will be required to take the test and provide a resultant certificate at check-in. Travellers must arrive 4 hours before take off time, carry their own face mask and maintain social distancing. On that note, Emirates Becomes World’s First Airline To Offer FREE Covid Cover For Travellers.