This Country Will Pay You 3,000 US Dollars If You Visit & Get Covid

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
This Country Will Pay You 3,000 US Dollars If You Visit & Get Covid

Countries across the world are slowly reopening borders to tourism. In line with this, countries are offering discounted holiday packages. Sicily is offering discounted flights, Mexico is offering free overnight stays and Greece is cutting down transportation taxes. However, Uzbekistan has come up with something unique.

The country has opened borders for tourism, for the first time after it shut in March. The government of Uzbekistan has announced that they will be paying 3,000 US dollars to the tourists if they contract Covid-19 while in the country. The new initiative is a campaign to welcome visitors back to the country.

Sophie Ibbotson, Uzbekistan’s official tourism ambassador to the UK said: “We want to reassure tourists they can come to Uzbekistan. The government is so confident that the new safety and hygiene measures being implemented across the tourism sector will protect tourists from Covid-19, that the president is prepared to put money where his mouth is: if you get Covid-19 on holiday in Uzbekistan, we will compensate you.” Meanwhile, Cambodia Asks Travelers To Add Funeral Costs To Their Trip.

Guidelines For Travellers

The $3000 coverage comes with certain terms and conditions. Tourists who test positive for Covid must be touring the city with a local tour guide, who will be certified in safety and hygiene guidelines. Tourist sites and accommodations must also be certified by the government, to ensure they meet all the guidelines and rules.

Uzbektourism will roll out a list of all the ‘certified’ attraction, restaurants, and accommodations, which tourists can access. Besides, businesses which do not comply with safe hygiene standards will be held liable for treatment costs. Meanwhile, here are Countries that will pay travellers to holiday post Covid. 

Uzbekistan’s Reopening Strategy

Domestic travel within Uzbekistan resumed on 1 June. People were permitted to travel between no or low infection zones categorized as green and yellow zones. International flights will restart this month as the country open for tourists from low risk countries, like China, Israel, Japan, and South Korea. Travellers from Europe and the UK must undergo a 14-day quarantine on arrival. This requirement will be waived off once these countries witness a drop in the cases and travelers no longer pose a potential threat to Uzbekistan. On another note, did you know Sri Lanka Plans To Welcome Tourists From 1 August 2020.

Uzbekistan adapted an aggressive approach to curb the spread of Covid. The country closed borders for tourists on 19 March, when it reported only a handful of confirmed cases. Following this, the country grounded flights, and imposed lockdown. This had led to the country being deemed as one of the world’s lowest Covid-19 death rates. As of July 20, Uzbekistan reported only 85 deaths. However, there has been a slight spike in the number of new cases over the past two weeks.

According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization, Uzbekistan was named the fourth fastest-growing in tourism sector for 2019. President Shavkat Mirziyoev has made tourism one of the most vital sectors in Uzbekistan, providing visa-free travel for citizens from over 80 countries. Last year 6.7 million people visited the country. Meanwhile, before you plan any trip, here are 4 Ways To Deep Clean And Disinfect Your Travel Luggage.