UAE-ites To Pay Fines Up To AED 50,000 If They Fail To Declare Any Covid-19 Positive Tests

by Yogita Chainani
UAE-ites To Pay Fines Up To AED 50,000 If They Fail To Declare Any Covid-19 Positive Tests

Covid-19 cases in the UAE are on the rise, hence to control the spread of the virus, the health authorities have imposed several restrictions in the nation. From banning day brunches to updating the social gathering norms, several rules have been announced lately. And now, there’s one more update that has come in place. So dear, UAE-ites, the government is reminding you that if you test positive for COVID-19, you must report it to the health authority, or you could face a fine.

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Flouting Of Rules Will Attract A Fine Between AED 10,000-50,000

The Federal Public Prosecution in the UAE has laid down these rules in a tweet this week. As per the rules, if you fail to inform the authorities, you have to pay fines between AED 10,000-50,000- in some cases, imprisonment is a possibility too.

For citizens testing positive, you must visit the Ministry of Health Prevention or other authorised health authorities to receive treatment. All these measures are in place to fight the battle against the deadly covid-19 virus.

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Nearly Five Million Residents In The UAE Have Received First Jab Of Covid-19 Vaccine

In terms of covid-19, UAE launched a mass vaccination drive last year and so far vaccinated nearly five million residents. The nation aims to vaccinate half of the population by the first quarter of 2021.

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Everyone aged 16 and over is eligible to receive the vaccine. However, at the moment, elderly and vulnerable people are given priority for vaccination across the country. More than 45 per cent of elderly citizens have now received a jab in the UAE.

Well, we hope that all the citizens receive a covid-19 shot soon.