UAE: Pay Up To Dh100,000 Fine For Spying On Spouse’s Phone

by Deeplata Garde
UAE: Pay Up To Dh100,000 Fine For Spying On Spouse’s Phone

Invading someone’s privacy is a crossing of borders in any relationship. Be it your spouse or any friend, you should always be distant when it comes to checking someone’s phone. It can ruin the trust you share in a relationship. Well, many people certainly don’t understand this basic etiquette, UAE has announced a new rule regarding it. They have levied fine on spouses checking on their partner’s phone. Read below to know the amount.

If You Steal Your Partner’s Password Then Pay Fine In UAE

Cybercrimes across UAE are legitimately strict. Under that, this action was recently taken by the UAE Public Prosecution on June 14. If a person tries to gain a password or pin without permission, the article lays out the consequences.

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A person can receive a fine between Dh50,000 and Dh100,000 for doing so. Gaining access to any information system without permission by using a password they received without permission is illegal according to the legislation. If the password collected was with the purpose to conduct a crime, the action will be immediately deemed an aggravated offence.

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You Must Obtain Specific Permission To Own Password Of Your Partner

The proprietor of the electronic account or device should provide permission. Failure to do so can have personal consequences as well. This article’s goal is to preserve a person’s privacy, avoid computer fraud, and prevent unauthorised access to digital communications. Depending on the activity of the person using the password, the violator may have to face a penalty under the cybercrime law and other criminal laws for using the password sans appropriate permission.

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