UK To Get World’s First Model Airport For Flying Cars; The Future Is Here

by Sanjana Shenoy
UK To Get World’s First Model Airport For Flying Cars; The Future Is Here

If you’re a 90s kid, you might have watched The Jetsons. This American cartoon depicted the futuristic year of 2062.  From a three-day workweek, flying saucers, robotic maids to flying cars, it gave us a glimpse of what the future looked like. Flying cars definitely felt like a fantasy. But fast-forward today, the UK is all set to get the world’s first model airport for flying cars. The British city of Coventry, later this year will get an airport, equipped with infrastructure to operate flying cars and air taxis. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the future is here!

Airport For Flying Cars To Make A Debut In The UK

A UK-based start-up, Urban-Air Port partnered with Hyundai Motor to create a model airport for flying cars. The English city of Coventry will lace the world map for housing the first-ever airport for flying cars and air taxis. This ambitious project is aimed at demonstrating how flying cars and air taxis shall work in urban centres. This model airport will also have the infrastructure necessary for flying cars when they take to the skies to ferry passengers and goods in the future.

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Urban Air-Port founder Ricky Sandhu stated to Reuters, “With UK government backing and Hyundai Motor Group’s backing we’ll be realising the first fully operational airport in the world.” Over the years there has been alot of progress in developing flying cars. But Sandhu stated that the infrastructure or an airport is the missing piece to the invention. He further added You can’t get off the train or get on the train unless you get to the train station so that supporting ground infrastructure is absolutely key.”

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airport for flying cars
Picture Credits: Reuters

World’s First Model Airport For Air Taxis To Come Up In Coventry In Nov

Visitors to Coventry in the UK can soon witness the world’s first model airport for flying cars. This airport will be ready from November onwards. A government programme chose Urban-Air Port for this project, The programme stressed on developing zero-emission flying and new air vehicles. Urban-Air Port won a 1.2-million-pound ($1.65-million) grant to assist in funding the temporary installation of the model airport in Coventry.  Meanwhile, here’s a fun video of the world’s best airport in Singapore.