Under Construction Building Near Girl’s Hostel On DY Patil University Campus Catches Fire

by Sanjana Shenoy
Under Construction Building Near Girl’s Hostel On DY Patil University Campus Catches Fire

A fire broke out at an under-construction building near the girl’s hostel on DY Patil University Campus in Navi Mumbai’s Nerul. A huge stock of thermocol materials places in the open space at the under-construction site of the campus caught fire. The incident took place at around 1:45 pm and rescue services immediately came and brought the situation under control. Fire tenders also rushed to the spot. The fire was localised on the fourth floor of the under-construction building. But thankfully no man or material damage has been confirmed by the University in a statement.

Picture Credits: collegedunia.com

An administrative staff, Nitin Yashwante stated that after witnessing a huge cloud of black smoke with flames filling the campus, the staff rushed to the spot and discovered that it was caused due to a huge stock of thermocol placed in the open space at the construction site. However, the Nerul brigade doused this fire within 10 minutes.

Panic struck the campus, as the fire that broke out was in the vicinity of the girl’s hostel building. But the hostel building was immediately evacuated. There was also a traffic jam since motorists arriving from Palm Beach road towards the university to reach the Sion-Panvel highway were craning their necks and slowing down, from a distance, to get a glimpse of the mayhem caused by the fire.

Picture Credits: mumbailive.com

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What’s More?

Soon after the fire broke out many people took to Twitter to share the news, videos and photos from this massive fire that broke out on DY Patil campus in Navi Mumbai’s Nerul. Twitteratis urged people to stay safe. But the fire that broke out in the 4th floor of the under-construction building in the campus, was doused off at the earliest thanks to the quick thinking and presence of mind of the staff, authorities, rescue services and fire tenders. The university put out a statement revealing that no man or material has been injured and no casualties have been reported for the same. Did you know Mumbai May Make Work From Home Mandatory If Coronavirus Conditions Worsen?