Uorfi Javed Loves Mumbai, Calls It The Best Place In The World

Uorfi Javed feels like there is no place like Mumbai. Same Uorfi, same!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Uorfi Javed Loves Mumbai, Calls It The Best Place In The World

Uorfi Javed met our anchor Arohi Thatte for a recent episode of Tere Gully Mein to explore and gorge on delicious street food of Vile Parle. We were walking the markets of Vile Parle and it was full of clothes. We had to challenge her to shop from these lanes and bargain as much as she could. It was fun to watch her go about this challenge because she is a proper Mumbai gal and owns it. 

Uorfi Javed Shared That She Loves Mumbai Through And Through

We started off the episode by asking Uorfi Javed how much she likes the City Of Dreams as she is originally not from Mumbai. She replied, “I think this is the best place in the world. Like, I love Mumbai. There is no other place other than Mumbai I would want to live.” Mumbaikars are rejoicing by hearing her utter these lovely words from her mouth. Honestly, every person who has lived in this city can relate to this. 

One of the things that attracts Uorfi Javed to Mumbai is the vibe of this city and she prefers it. We get that, Uorfi. She told us that she is from Lucknow and made it clear that she would not want to live in a place like Lucknow anymore. Even though she informed us that Lucknow’s cuisine is far superior to Mumbai’s, she will always choose Mumbai over her hometown.

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Does She Really Call The Paps?

uorfi javed
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Rumours are going around that celebs call paps to capture their daily life and publish it to the world. We were curious enough to ask the same of Uorfi Javed. To our surprise, she does indeed call the paps from time to time. “Mostly 90% I do call them,” she said but then also added that sometimes they spot her on the go. 

The rest of the time, if she is not in her makeup and proper fashionable clothes she “avoids them at all costs”. The reason behind this is that she doesn’t want the world to see her without her flawless makeup and perfect outfits. She always wants to flaunt her creativity!

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