Urak, Goa’s Jungle Juice Is Gaining Popularity Season By Season. Here’s How It Is Made!

by Mallika Khurana

Many Indian states have their own boozy concoctions that they have been brewing for generations. These local drinks are often left unseen by the world. One such drink from Goa is urak. While its cousin, Feni, has seen great popularity over the years, Urak has remained in the hearts of local families. Widely enjoyed in the summer season, this drink is quite special to the local population.

Urak Is Goa’s Best-Kept Secret

Cashew Apple

Photo Credits: Canva

Also known as Goa’s Jungle Juice, this local liquor is made with fermented cashew apples. Urrak is also known to have a short shelf life. The local residents who own cashew estates brew it at home all through the summer season and enjoy it. Those who like to enjoy it after the summer has ended often refrigerate it in glass bottles. It is often topped with some Limca and chillies and served as a cocktail.

This amazing drink is a secret they only reveal to worthy tourists. Yes, it’s not an exaggeration. If you make some good friends in the coastal city, they might introduce you to this creation. However, there are some cafes in Goa that serve some delicious Urak cocktails. They all put their own spin on it and serve it with either kokum or guava. Regardless, every version of this drink is worth trying.

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Here’s How You Can  Make The Perfect Cocktail With It

Cashew Apples

Photo Credits: Canva

If you manage to find and bring some bottles of this precious liquor home, here is how you can make the perfect cocktail to enjoy it:

  1. Take a tall glass and fill half of it with Urak. For a more diluted drink, you can reduce the amount of liquor.
  2. Put some ice cubes in the glass, as per your choice. To enjoy it best, add more ice!
  3. Top it up with some Limca. Avoid using any other lime soda to preserve the classic flavour. This will make your drink sweeter, and you can alter the sweetness accordingly.
  4. Finish it off with a pinch of rock salt or sea salt and a light squeeze of lime.
  5. Garnish it with a lime wedge and serve before the ice melts!

The next time you visit Goa, indulging in Urak must be on your agenda.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva