Varr At Rishikesh’s Ganga Kinare Serves Temple Food From Across The Country

by Tania Tarafdar

When we are talking about ‘prasad’ or ‘bhog’ and the ‘food of Gods’, Rishikesh is the first place that crosses our mind. And why not? Rishikesh is the spiritual centre of India rooted in tradition and mythology. And now the holy city has a restaurant dedicated to the temple foods of India. Yes, the boutique hotel Holywater by Ganga Kinare has a new restaurant Varr that serves the ‘bhog’ from across the country in a shining brass thali.

Varr Offers Delicacies From The Temples Of India

The restaurant source the dishes from all the holy places in India. Some of the dishes offered here are actually served in the temple kitchens and offered to the ‘Gods’ as bhog. The restaurant also offers dishes inspired by the temples of India.

When you are at the restaurant, you need to begin your meals with achanam, a ritual that involves purification of the hands. They will then offer you panchamrit, a holy elixir consisting of milk, ghee, honey, gangajal and tulsi. The restaurant offers four different types of thalis curated under the watchful eyes of Chef Deepak Bhatt.

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Relish Char Dham’s Bhog & Vaishno Devi Ke Channe

You can try Arbi Ke Gutke, a popular staple on the Char Dham bhog, Alu Wadi Golden Temple’s Langar in Amritsar, Vaishno Devi ke channe, Brajbhoomi ki khichdi and Mathura ka peda. The restaurant offers delicious fare dishes and, including condiments. There are as many as 22 items in the thali to satisfy your soul. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Must Eat The Langar At Amritsar’s Golden Temple.

Try Their Signature Smoke-Infused Buttermilk

The restaurant also offers delicacies from Badrinath temple, Puri’s Jagannath Temple, and Paruppu Sorakkai Kootu from Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple. You will have to dine at the restaurant for five days to sample all they have to offer. Do not forget to try the signature drink, dhuaan which is smoke-infused buttermilk. What’s more, the restaurant has electric interiors that make for amazing Instagram photos.

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The restaurant is a stone’s throw from the holy river Ganges. If you are staying at the hotel Holywater by Ganga Kinare, you can enjoy Ganga aarti, spiritual walk, yoga & meditation a relaxing spa, and much more.

Price: ₹1,200 for two