Video Of A Man Feeding Crocodile With His Bare Hands Like A Pet Dog Goes Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of A Man Feeding Crocodile With His Bare Hands Like A Pet Dog Goes Viral

When we think of petting an animal, we think of dogs, cats, rabbits, or even fishes, and birds. People generally do not get extravagant while choosing a pet to stay with them. Well, the scenario is quite different here. In a recent viral video, we can see a man being so friendly and playing with a crocodile. Yes, you read that right. The man plays with a real crocodile and does not even flinch one time in fear.

Video Of A Man Petting A Crocodile Like A Dog Goes Viral

You might find it hard to believe the video the first time where the man sitting on a boat is showing affection to a crocodile. In the video, the man is seen on a boat waiting for the crocodile, and after it comes near the person, he plays with the wild animal and later feeds it. The man cradles the reptile for some time, pats its head just like a pet dog, and then feeds it some fish. The most astonishing part is when the crocodile actually wraps its forelimbs around the man’s legs for support and he sits there still in calm and with not a tiny amount of fear. After they share affection with each other, the animal swims back into the water. The comfort between them makes the netizens assume that it was his pet. A Twitter user named Figgen @TheFigen uploaded this video with the caption, ‘What type of pet is that bro?’

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The Video Went Viral In No Time!

It was really hard to believe that these things actually happened in the video. It is safe to say that the netizens are quite surprised to watch this viral video. Crocodile is a very dangerous animal and seeing a man interacting so closely with that reptile is surely very confusing.

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This 15-second viral video currently has over 4.8 million views and over 38.3 likes on Twitter and uncountable reactions from Internet users. The replies and memes under this video are absolutely hilarious. Check out a few fun tweets from this video.