Video Of Shivaji Maharaj’s Art Work On A Crop Field Goes Viral After Seen On Google Maps

by Mrunal Mahajan
Video Of Shivaji Maharaj’s Art Work On A Crop Field Goes Viral After Seen On Google Maps

An amazing Art Work of Shivaji Maharaj was made on a crop field in Latur, Maharashtra by a farmer named Mangesh Nipanikar. He made this back in February around the time of Shivaji Jayanti to pay a tribute to the great king! This artwork only went viral very recently when a video surfaced on Twitter in which you can see this majestic Shivaji artwork from Google Maps. Isn’t that just amazing?

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Mangesh who hails from Nilanga in Latur district is also a Rangoli artist who has made similar designs in the past. This one he made on his farm which is a gigantic field spread over 2.4 lakh square feet. I am in absolute awe of how much attention he has paid to details. He made sure that he made the ‘Tika’ visible and is a perfect crescent. He has also created a border around the artwork which makes it look even more amazing!

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Social media went crazy when they saw this and they are in love with what this man has created. The videos have gone viral on all social media platforms. Mangesh became famous overnight as his artwork can be seen clearly from Google Maps. If you don’t believe me here is a link to the google maps for the beautiful yet accurate artwork of Shivaji Maharaj. You can also look for this piece by typing ‘Shivaji Maharaj Real Art’.

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I have seen people celebrate Shivaji Jayanti in the most bizarre ways, but this one is just amazing. Mangesh while in a conversation with a regional Marathi newspaper, Pratham Post, said they had made a record-breaking Rangoli design last year for Shivaji Jayanti. This year as Marathwada is a region that has an inadequate supply of water. They wanted to celebrate ‘Green Shivaji Jayanti’ and so this!  What a quirk way to celebrate our great hero.