Vikas Khanna Has A Great Hack To Help You Remove Coconut From Its Shell, And Mind Is Blown!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Vikas Khanna Has A Great Hack To Help You Remove Coconut From Its Shell, And Mind Is Blown!

When it comes to cooking, it is not at all as easy as it seems. A little miss in the number of teaspoons of masala or a little overcooking can kill all the flavours. But what is a little more difficult is separating the shell and the coconut. We all know that struggle when our mother asks us to do that for her. But the struggle is over now as renowned chef Vikas Khanna has shared an amazing hack and made our life easier.

Chef Vikas Khanna Shares A Hack

Chef Vikas Khanna shared an amazing hack on his Instagram handle, showing you how to separate coconut meat from its shell. He broke the coconut into two halves and placed one of them on a stove with a burning flame. He picked it up once the shell turned black and placed it in a bowl of cold water. Just as the shell became a bit cold, he separated the shell and the meat with zero effort. Well, that sure looked like magic.


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A Trick Used By The Locals

Vikas Khanna always shares tips and tricks about cooking on his Instagram. The celebrity chef saw a local woman using this trick while he was in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He came across this trick, learnt it from the woman and shared it with his followers. He also mentioned that the working of this trick depends a lot on the type of coconut being used and its age as well. Many a time depending on the type, you might need a paring knife to separate the shell. The video has by far received about 658K views and went viral soon after it was posted. People commented on the post sharing how helpful they found this hack and thanked the chef for it.

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Thank you chef for this tip!!

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