Want To Work In The UAE? Here Are The Rules To Follow

by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 423

New labour law is set to come into effect in the United Arab Emirates. If you work in UAE, you must be aware of this announcement. It will go into effect shortly and govern the interaction between companies and employees. It is the most significant reform in the way the UAE labour market is controlled. Also, it contains precise rules to follow on each party’s rights and obligations.

Employeez Must Follow These Rules:

  1. Perform the task himself or herself under the supervision and control of the employer. Work in accordance with the contract’s specifications. You cannot delegate the work to another worker or person.
  2. Demonstrate professional honesty and integrity, as well as exemplary behaviour and conduct.
  3. Maintain the production and working tools in his possession. Adopt the required steps to keep them in the proper locations.
  4. Preserve all data to be confidential during the course of employment. Do not reveal trade secrets. Return everything he has to his employer at the conclusion of his employment.
  5. Not to hoard without the employer’s authorization, any hard or soft papers or documents relating to company secrets.
  6. Implement the establishment’s safety and occupational health instructions. It should align with current law or workplace norms and instructions.
  7.  Follow all working days and hours indicated in the job contract. Also, communicate and reply properly in order to efficiently fulfil the tasks allocated.
  8.  Work diligently and consistently to enhance professional and employment abilities.
  9. Not to work for others in contravention of the terms of this Decree-Law and other applicable laws.
  10. The employee must vacate the accommodation supplied to him by the employer within 30 days. However, if the employer agrees, the worker may remain in the lodging after the time has expired. Provided that the worker pays for the accommodation.
  11. Any additional requirements imposed by the provisions of this Decree-Law and its executive regulations.

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