Watch: This Gulab Jamun & Kulfi Dish For ₹90 Has Netizens Drooling

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: This Gulab Jamun & Kulfi Dish For ₹90 Has Netizens Drooling

Gulab jamun is a popular Indian dessert which was said to have originated in Persia. The fried khoya dough dipped in sugar syrup is simply unavoidable. Similarly, kulfi is an Indian version of ice cream since it is made with similar ingredients but has different flavours. We have loved relishing both sweet dishes separately. However, have you tried combining them? This food vendor in Punjab sells this kulfi and gulab jamun dish!

This Vendor Sells Kulfi & Gulab Jamun Dish For ₹90 & Netizens Are Drooling!


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A video posted by Instagram user and blogger, Harsimran Singh, featured an unusual combination of kulfi and gulab jamun. The video starts with a man placing two large-sized gulab jamuns on a plate. He then took kulfi and removed the stick and started slicing it on the gulab jamuns. The dish looked tempting and screamed sweetness! The hot gulab jamuns with cold kulfi cost ₹90, according to the man in the video.

This dessert received attention from the Netizens and they started drooling over the heavenly combination. A user stated, “In expensive restaurants, they serve hot sizzling brownies with ice cream for more than ₹300. Don’t troll someone without any reason who is doing hard work for every single penny!”

Another user added, “Brother, two gulab jamun of 40 and kulfi of 30 because it has almonds, and the remaining 20 should understand their labour because gulab jamun is hot. So it’s the right night.”

One of the users commented, “Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream is an actual legit dessert dish if you move out of North India… Have seen it at multiple places.”

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Though people love the concept and the dish, they are doubtful about its price. Some even commented that ₹90 is too much for this dessert. And a user wrote, “A dish of ₹50 in ₹90.”

In response to this, a user commented, “In Dominos, they will give ₹500 for garlic bread but it looks more than ₹90.”

Unusual Flavours To Try

kulfi flavours
Credits: Canva

Kulfi has won the hearts and taste buds of people throughout India with its rich flavour and creamy texture. Its distinctive flavour and the fact that it is a frozen treat that can be enjoyed all year round, including in the sweltering summer, are credited with its appeal. Along with its mouth-watering sweetness, kulfi is adored for its adaptability because it can be flavoured in a variety of ways, from traditional ones like pistachio and saffron to more contemporary ones like chocolate and mango. Here are unique kulfi flavours that you should try:

1. Spiced Coffee Kulfi

A wonderful combination of creamy kulfi components, including spices and crunchy nuts, with coffee. This is yet another inventive kulfi recipe that uses everyday ingredients to create a delectable treat. Cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and coffee are used to flavour the kulfi.

2. Lychee Kulfi

Additionally, kulfi is a very adaptable treat that can be made with a variety of flavours, from traditional ones like milk to more unique ones like coffee. Have you ever tasted lychee kulfi? You’ve undoubtedly had lychee ice cream. This dish combines milk, khoya, lychee, almonds, cashew nuts, and pistachios to create a flavour explosion on a stick. The ideal summer treat will be this lychee kulfi.

3. Paan Kulfi

Khoya and fresh paan leaves are used to make the dessert Paan Kulfi. You can offer this simple dessert recipe following a lavish supper. It tastes finest when combined with falooda that has been cooled and chopped cashews.

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