We Know How Much The British Royal Family Spends On Their Travel!

by Vidisha Khaitan
We Know How Much The British Royal Family Spends On Their Travel!

Royalty costs the dime. We know this. What we didn’t know is the size of that dime but now we know that too. The British royal family spent about a whopping $6 million on travel in 2017. This information was reported in a 2019 analysis by personal finance resource GoBankingRates. The figure includes both personal and professional travel in 2017. Reports say that number seems to only be growing. That translates to almost ₹42.74 crores spent only on travel. Imagine these numbers in 2020. The whole family is constantly on the go with events all around the world and some much needed me time. Often their escape from the real world still includes a little work here and there. You know how sometimes when world leaders invite you and you just can’t say no? No? Us neither.

Where To

To the stars! Well, not really. The British royal family’s travels have been restricted to Earth up till now. The trip that cost the most on the list was Prince Charles and Camilla’s pleasure trip to Italy, Romania and Austria in 2017. This was a nine-day tour between dreamy destinations like Bucharest, Pisa, Naples, Rome, and Vienna. Guess where the money goes? Several expensive charter flights suitable to royal tastes. The price of this little rendezvous at the time was $203,609! Travel costs cover staff, food, stay, wardrobe etcetera. Did you know that members of the royal family must always carry a black mourning outfit on their foreign travels? According to The Independent, that’s the rule.

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What’s More

If you’re already tired of these numbers, it’s time for an energy drink. We have the next expensive royal travel for you. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official Foreign and Commonwealth Office visit to India and Bhutan cost an estimated $129,187. The third spot for the most expensive travels by the royal family was a tie. The number is $96,958 and the name is Prince Charles. He attended the funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres. GoBankingRates reported that he also got a chance to visit his paternal grandmother’s grave in Jerusalem. The other trip holding the third spot was Prince Charles and Camilla’s to Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain at about $96,000.

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These charter flights do cost a lot, don’t they? Prince Charles and Camilla have been reported as the biggest spenders. They literally are the biggest spenders with expenses more than any other royal family member on travel in 2018 as per reports. In 2018, they took a Caribbean tour for about $530,000. To be fair, “the couple took part in more than 50 engagements on 10 different islands during their stay” according to reporters. Let’s not forget that was the first royal visit to Cuba. We really wish we were royalty. that’s fine. We can live in homestays in Cuba. It’s more organic that way! Do you dare to conquer this 140ft Long Ladder Hanging At 2,296 Feet Between 2 Mountains In Austria?

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