There Is A 140ft Long Ladder Hanging At 2,296 Feet Between 2 Mountains In Austria!

by Vidisha Khaitan
There Is A 140ft Long Ladder Hanging At 2,296 Feet Between 2 Mountains In Austria!

Looking for 2020 travel goals? We have one that will take you straight to heaven. Warning: this was not a euphemism. There exists a 140 feet long sky ladder, 2296 feet in the air. This ‘Stairway To Heaven’ is hanging between two gigantic mountains in Austria.  

What is it 

A protected climbing route in the Alps takes adrenaline junkies to Donnerkogel via Ferrata. There’s a giant 2,296 feet gorge in Gosaukamm mountain range in Upper Austria. The ‘Sky Ladder’ stretches over the gorge of the Grosser Donnerkogel. It’s a do or die kind of ladder that leaves people in awe. The dangers of crossing it need to be put into serious consideration. If you can’t keep away from challenged that test your limits, you’ve found the right one this time. Donnerkogel itself is one of the highest summits in the Gosaukamm mountain range of Austria. Stairway To Heaven is rock solid. It’s made of steel cables. Some people are of the view that it aids amateur climbers. It offers a decent standard of secure passage and makes it possible for everyone to reach higher peaks.  

stairway to heaven
Image Credit: jessdales

What’s more 

Heli Putz created the Stairway To Heaven relatively recently for adventurers, trekkers and travellers. Believe it or not, it’s not the most difficult part of the climb. This route is 1,000 meters long in total. It’s rated ‘C’ for the difficulty level in climbing and mountaineering. Level ‘D’ is the most difficult. Climbers need to think twice before setting off to conquer these peaks. The reward however, is most certainly worth it. With views of the inner Salzkammergut region, this alpine climb is one you’ll never forget. Dachstein mountain smiles above Lake Gosausee on your way.  Check out this Austrian Village That Inspired The Township In Disney Movie ‘Frozen’. It Is Now Getting Ruined Because Of Overtourism!

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Image Credit: jessdales

The Sky Ladder or the Stairway To Heaven is our humble way of connecting with nature on a deeper level. Or should we say on a higher level! This is the final leg of the via ferrata route. Climbers who come so far never stop there. We’ll be back with your next adventure. Meanwhile, let us know if Austria blew your mind like it did ours!

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