What Indians Eat: 7 Gujarati Delicacies That Are Perfect For Breakfast

by Vinita Jain
What Indians Eat: 7 Gujarati Delicacies That Are Perfect For Breakfast

Gujarati cuisine is one of India’s oldest culinary treasures and is predominantly vegetarian. It’s much more than just khakhras, dhoklas, and undhiyo. What makes it unique is the detailed cooking style, the teekha-meetha (spicy-sweet) flavour, and most significantly, the nutritional value. Gujarati cuisine also incorporates ‘farsan’ or ‘namkeen’ in breakfast. There are several Gujarati delicacies that will provide fuel to your mind in the morning. So, all the gujjus and non-gujjus out there, check out these seven Gujarati delicacies and relish them for breakfast.

Gujarati Delicacies That Are Perfect For Breakfast

1. Handvo

Handvo is a Gujarati delicacy which is a healthy and delicious, mixed lentil cake. It can be baked, stored or simply reheated and garnished with tempered curry leaves and mustard seeds, before serving.  Relish handvo with accompaniments like green chutney and ketchup. Check out this quick recipe to make Gujarati-style handvo for breakfast.

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2. Gujrati Pudla

Gujarati Pudla is a vegetarian omelette made from chickpea flour or besan. It looks like a soft, thin pancake made from powdered channa (besan), suji, green chilli, ginger, coriander, and yoghurt. So, who’s up for some vegetarian omelette.

3. Dhokla

Gajarati delicacies
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The evergreen Gujarati Kaman Dhokla is a farsan. Bengali gram dal is soaked to make the dough for dhokla. Gorge on dhokla with coriander and tomato-based chutneys. This savoury, sweet, and tangy dish goes best with a cup of masala chai.

4. Thepla

Thepla is one of the most famous and nutritious Gujarati delicacies. It is made with chickpea flour, whole grains, fresh fenugreek leaves, and spices. These flatbreads are healthy and delicious. Enjoy theplas for breakfast or as a healthy evening snack. Pair them with chutneys and pickles, and you’re good to go.

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5. Khandvi


Gujarati delicacies
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A thin layer of chickpea flour simmered in buttermilk rolled and squeezed to form tight rolls, Khandvi screams deliciousness. It’s seasoned with lightly tempered sesame seeds and other spices. It might look tricky, but trust us, it is extremely easy to make this dish quickly.

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6. Fafda Jalebi

Gajarati delicacies
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All ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ fans are quite familiar with this Gujarati delicacy. Fafda-Jalebi is a match made in heaven. The crunchy, salty, slightly spicy fafda and the sweet yet crunchy jalebi, makes a killer combination. This is a must-try dish in Gujarat.

7. Gujarati Khichu

Khichu is one of the hidden gems from Gujrati cuisine. To make the dough, rice flour is added to boiling water with green chillies. The seasonings add a gourmet twist to this easy yet yummilicious dish. You’ve got to try this delicacy at least once in your life.

So, all the Gujjus and non-Gujjus out there, which Gujarati delicacies you’re going to try next? Do let us know.

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